Interesting Transitional effect.

Saw an interesting transition effect for text on a video today. The text, after it was on the screen long enough, blurred (or went out of focus) from left to right as new text came into focus. The effect can be reproduced in Daz.

Recreate this effect in Daz studio with the following steps. 1> Create two plane surfaces. Use a graphic of the first text for the first surface and on the second surface the replacement text. Use only ambient light for the surfaces so no shading takes place. 2> Position the camera so the text is where it needs to be. It will be easiest to place the surface flat on the ground with the camera directly over it. 3> Get the distance the camera is from the surface (height). Set the camera properties to Depth of field on, and focal length to the camera height. Use a low F/Stop number. 4> Create deforms for both surfaces at the words. 5> When you deform or raise a portion of text it goes out of focus. Raise the replacement text then lowering the initial text replaces the text while out of focus. Then lower the replacement text into focus.

Several deforms need to be used to transition the text from left to right. The new words coming into view on the left before the old words are gone on the right.


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