Demystifying 360 degree product rotations.

There are a number of flash products that rotate an image so that one can see the image from the side back … .

Is it smart – yes it is the next best thing to letting the customer hold it in their hands. They are looking at where the wires connect and thinking about how they will place them on the table … they are imagining owning it.

So how hard is it to place that content on the internet. Good news is the hardest part should be the photos of the product. The trick is to take a photo of the item in each view; for 10 degree increments 36 photos (keeping the same center does matter – lighting should be consistent so it must be adjusted such that the item is attractive in all the frames – drastic changes in lighting is distracting to their dreaming about owning it – It is a bit more than your average product photograph).

Putting them on the site can be done in multiple ways; Using javascript to change the style of the CSS to clip the image in the same way mouse over functions work. Jquery has a plugin called Reel that basically does all the work. The overhead for the plug in is only 2.1 kB.

The advantage of taking this out of flash is to change the image one does not need to create a new flash. Adding new products can use the method that is selected as most appealing for the site without any re-scripting.


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