For SEO one must link to their own content they want found

The last post was about page theme – and the need to remove links that do not relate to the theme of the page. Reading enough of my posts one may already see the need for having 100 plus pages on a site to completely cover a given theme, and have pages that are well themed.

Now in the opposite direction, how a spider and search engine determine how important a page is would be the quality and quantity of links pointing to that page. Pages not only must have a topic to get a good position, but they must be important.

Internal linking on the site has an effect in determining how important a page is or if it has any. In removing a link from a page one is saying that page is not relevant to the topic and may not be relevant to any topic. A page that does not have any links to it on the site – the site is basically saying it is not important. Unless other sites are linking to that page it will be dropped from the index because it is not important.

The art of SEO for internal linking is in the balance. One may also create pages with the sole design intention of being important but not themselves rating well – pages that give importance. I would add if the task at hand is getting more pages indexed – the task at hand is getting and creating more links.

FYI – I lost patience with google to see how long they take to index a new site; so I dropped a few links in front of google to this site.

SEO Rule 5 – Link to your content you want found

If the site is created with javascript that hinds links Or silverlight or flash. Provide something that shows google and every other search engine – people that visit your site can get to the information. It only takes X clicks from the front page (normally the most important page because of site design style of linking to the front page from all other pages)


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