Easy Product Rotations using 1 line of code

Easiest method to do product rotation is a simple on mouse over rolling over of an image. Images should be downloaded first so five icons are being created with the image and the rollover changes the main image. The icon images could be replaced by what appears to be a scroll bar and would emulate the action of a scroll bar – that would require the an additional line of code to change the scroll image(s) as well (the downloaded icons would be styled as transparent over the scroll image background).

I have also posted about a Jquery plugin to do product rotations. The addition of code is only about changing the User Interface. If you like it as it is – which is simple and nobody is confused about the UI – it is good to go.

<img src=”3.jpg” id=”rot5″ width=”200″ height=”200″/>
<br />
<img src=”1.jpg” width=”40″ height=”40″ onMouseOver=”document.getElementById(‘rot5’).src=’1.jpg'” />
<img src=”2.jpg” width=”40″ height=”40″ onMouseOver=”document.getElementById(‘rot5’).src=’2.jpg'” />
<img src=”3.jpg” width=”40″ height=”40″ onMouseOver=”document.getElementById(‘rot5’).src=’3.jpg'” />
<img src=”4.jpg” width=”40″ height=”40″ onMouseOver=”document.getElementById(‘rot5’).src=’4.jpg'” />
<img src=”5.jpg” width=”40″ height=”40″ onMouseOver=”document.getElementById(‘rot5’).src=’5.jpg'” />



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