Using DIV wrappers with jQuery for rapid animation design.

Imagine a scrolling image the image scrolls to the right – a focal point and then Links and text appear using an animation at a synchronized time. Likely you are thinking flash as a video has no links (until html5 is mainstream) and if this was not an already created effect from an existing library would take a few hours to program all of the movements of all of the elements.

If programing desk time was $60 per hour maybe we are talking $180.

Can it be done faster and for a lower cost? Actually yes, (when one only needs to focus on keyframes and let the computer browser render the tweens as efficiently as possible) and arguably better. The clip style and jQuery can handle the scrolling;  jQuery can also be  rapidly programed to handle animations. Now we are talking less than an hour.

Now if you have never broken clip style out of the box you may be thinking the position of the animations must be set in stone on the page with a position absolute statement.  Clip styling needs the position absolute! True but it can be positioned in a div wrapper and the wrapper location is not set in stone.

Why would this be arguably better? Specifically the content would become part of the page and search engines would consider it as page content.


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