Is drupal a disruptive technology?

A Disruptive Technology is one that innovates or improves a product or service in ways that the market does not expect, typically by lowering price or designing for a different set of consumers.

It very well may be – however the platform is designed and considered for the high end. It is in use today to power the White House, but on the low end the required resources are small. One installation can power multiple sites. It can be rapidly deployed – and includes many advanced features which can also be rapidly deployed; The shopping cart module can be fully operational in a fraction of the time it takes to get oscommerse installed. The cart also uses the same database resources.

Time will show if it disrupts how sites are created by offering high quality services faster and for less total costs. Webmasters will be designing templates, modules, plugins instead of posting material.

Thoughts form strategy design drupal … killing the market leader is not easy. The leader will defend its leadership position in the market. That strategy is called, simply, “defense.” … Who can rightfully be called a leader?


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