More web application tools in Chrome

Exist Dissolve is looking at the latest Chrome development release which has HTML5 Server-Sent Events Opera is also on board. Basically these allow the server to send data when data is ready instead of making the client generate endless AJAX requests which uses bandwidth and slows down the client. HTML5 games will love this – Games tend to push to the extreme and speed / performance is important, factions of a second make a difference – they call this delay lag time and they hate it.

In and of itself it is not a major impact, It is not part of Ipad, Firefox or Microsoft’s implementations. However in the bigger picture if Google does push its web applications desktop Icons then we are talking about an emerging technology like adobe’s AIR and Prism that do not look or feel like a browser; Instead desktop applications that runs across the internet and are started by clicking on an icon. These applications could be purchased and require a log in or paid by advertisement dollars.


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