What does it mean to have advanced knowledge of CSS

Marketing people seem to throw around the words advanced, guru, expert without any apparent consideration for what those words mean.

Let me give some definitions:

  • Beginner: is somebody who is able to do some things with CSS.
  • Knowledgeable: is somebody who is familiar on the majority of CSS commands and what they do. The should be able to guess what this does but may have not used it.

<style> a.special:hover + * {background:url(new.jpg);}</style>

I’ll give a hint –  It is documented under adjacent sibling selectors

  • Advanced:  Somebody who would not be able to tell you what he does not know about CSS because he understands every piece of it he has seen, and he has seen the material on CSS from all major browsers and standards.
  • Guru: Wisdom is not knowledge.  Wisdom is the application of knowledge. A guru not only knows all things — he knows he knows all things.

Being a guru means there is nothing left to learn. His search for new knowledge in his field is in vain. Nice people ask questions but there are no questions he can not answer … if a guru wants to learn something it needs to be something new.


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