All sites have been labeled by stopbadware – update: stopbadware / google fixed it.

They provide a free service the same as Stopbadware has found someplace on one of these sub domains of vistapanel with either malware or a link to a site that contains malware.

But they have labeled all sites hosted by as being dangerous. They should figure it out shortly. What is embarrassing is I’ve sent some emails out related to content on vistapanel … and the label is character assassination … I am not a witch …


It appears canvulcan’s site may have been compromised. …

Note: vistapanel also uses the service as does for example justhost. An installation of drupal removes these 404 redirects as does

ErrorDocument 404 default

in the .htaccess file.  I always remove these redirects because they mess up the content theme of the site. One of the few times when I want an error to be an error and not have a program do what it can to provide information. does not appear to have been labeled.  So they are not at this time considered a bad neighborhood.


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