Drop Down Items For Non-Children Elements Using jQuery

At San Diego Freelance I needed a drop down for a menu over hover. An animiation like what Bing is showing for the HTML5 preview.  What I used was jQuery. (The code is here) … set html div

style=”height:0px;overflow:hidden; position:absolute; z-index:9″ id=”html5″

To an height of zero, and overflow hidden, I like the appearance to be over the content and not move it so position is set to absolute. Youtube flash wants to bleed through to the top … added param name=”wmode” value=”opaque” for object … and … wmode=”opaque” for the embed … so it will not bleed to the front.

The animation is accomplished with one line of code
$(“#elementID”).stop().animate({height: “300px”},500,”linear”);


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