OnePixelAhead’s look at pre3d 3-d JavaScript engine

See example at Onepixelahead

I’ve not looked at this engine because Opengl, Webgl open the doors to have the processing done on the video card. However if you do not need real time animation then javascript is fully able to render 3D using Canvas or in IE 6 VML.

points are created with 3 data fields x, y, and z. 3 or more sets of points are needed to create a face. Front face vs back face have traditional been determined by the order of the points — clockwise vs counter clockwise. The faces then need to be painted, do they face the light? Bitmap textures need to be transformed into a perspective view and be properly lighted. Shadows require dropping down to the pixel level — which is ray tracing not openGL at this point in time.


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