What unleashing Canvas with Interactive video means

Canvas does image processing, there are several examples already posted on this blog. When canvas is used with the html5 video tag it can do frame by frame processing of the video – almost anything can be done on the screen that can be done in a graphics program. Green screening can be done allowing the video to no longer be contained in a box. Other HTML page content can be layered behind or in front of the canvased video.

The html5 video tag is fully accessible to be changed by script on the page. Progress updates are available from the video that can be used to trigger changes to other portions of the page. Timing gives meaning to the movement.

Both the physical video box and the interaction with page content boxes are shattered. Elements or products can appear on the page which are interactive timed with the salesmen discussion of the product. The salesmen interacts by changing the video in response to the users actions … A hover over a product of interest and the salesmen explains the features of that product; hover over a question and it is answered.

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