HTML5 features now live in 2011

Many people do not understand the “standards” process. Specifically the standard is not made into a standard until the features are being used. For this reason HTML5 may lose the version number. Many of the features are already in use, others may have problems in implementation and never become part of the standard. Web connections for example have some implementation problems – these allow browser to IP address communications but open up a number of security concerns.

What is important to understand is that HTML5 is here today. The question for sites is are they going to use these features? HTML5 browsers have already been released; Ipad uses HTML5 features as well as chrome and firefox. IE 9, Microsoft, has taken the position of waiting to see how well other browsers work so they have the potential to outdo them! There is no question that IE9 supports HTML5! Microsoft has been working with benchmarks comparing IE9 to the others to position themselves as the fastest rendering of HTML5.

Shortly, with IE9, all new browsers will support: Static SVG (animated using javascript), Canvas, HTML5 video (made interactive with javascript and pixel level video processing can be done using canvas). The list goes on.

For more on html5 implemenations in 2011 of wsmithdesign see San Diego Freelance • HTML5



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