Friday freebies 3d graphics models

Obj files are an old format for 3d graphics meshes. The file format is in text but lacks information which is needed to animate. Poser character files are also in text and have the necessary information. Poser files use the obj format for the mesh itself but include information for how to transform groups in the obj. A basic skeletal structure is needed which identifies what parts are connected and need to move when another group moves IE fingers move when the hand moves.

To port these to webgl the faces (surfaces from the mesh) need to be extracted from the obj files and textures applied. An engine would need to be used to animate the objects and it would also need skeletal data if the object has joints.

The models are posted on sharecg in poser prop format.

California life style surf board, In this case textured as signage.

Gift box suitable for animation as the lid can be picked up.


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