Breaking the creating a web site creates a business myth

Quotes from Online Marketing from San Diego Freelance

Many designers are better at selling their design service than at providing honest consultations about what a website can do for somebody who asks. People often discuss with others about an idea to start a business and are told they need a website. Some of my most difficult conversations about web sites is trying to answer the question, “What is the goal of the website?” …

For an existing organization that has members who ask do you have a website? The answer is easy. The goal of the website is to communicate with members and will essentially be marketing in the ideas and purpose of the organization. May want to increase membership and connect with social sites and find sponsors that goal can be archived by a website.  …

… The designer is not providing that person with a service! A meetup page would be more helpful for formulating with like-minded people a purpose and getting together a team of founders.

… What web sites do is provide communication media. Obama used this very effectively during his presidential campaign in the marketing of ideas. Ebay’s business model is essentially a communication channel between those who want to sell an item and those who want to buy it.

… But ultimately the web site is not the business it is a tool for the business.


2 responses

  1. If you want your car fixed, hire a pro. If you want your books done, hire a pro. If you want a brand, hire a pro. Hire a pro, hire a pro, hire a pro. Do not skimp on your business. Listen to the professionals. Sorry, just wanted to vent and as a fellow web designer, i figured you would understand the struggles of our industry and how often we hear about people hiring their son’s friend’s brother. Sigh–

    1. It may be that the business owner is not ready, does not believe or have faith that he can use the internet to make money.

      Sad thing is if he buys a site that is poorly done he will not make money.

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