Search Engine Copywriting

Quotes from San Diego freelance – On Page SEO services

Unlike a brochure that one would hand out to clients; web sites need search engine copy, which is more verbose than what you would put in a brochure. … For SEO the text book rule is to have a page for each product or service …

… The reason many sites do not have sales is they are not found in search engines for the products they sell – or if they are found they are failing to close a sale.

Let me also point out this is one of the reasons SEO professionals want to begin work from the very beginning of a web site design. Search Engine marketing is as different from
marketing using brochures as CNN is from a newspaper.

Search engine copy must both satisfy the search engines and work towards closing the sale – It fails if does not do both.


4 responses

  1. Yes its true, For SEO content must be unique and duplicate.

    1. I think google’s panda update has buried any site that is trying to use sales copy from other sites. Unique content is one of the things I check sites for before I open my mouth about any suggestions regarding SEO. Quotes within reason are not effected by panda – Still google prefers the source over the quote.

  2. In my point of view,SEO content must be unique only.

  3. Content must be unique to avoid a penalty.

    When google rates two urls with everything else being the same on page content determines which one gets listed first. The importance of on-page vs off-page varies with adjustments in the search algos. I would be withholding information if I did not admit both are important.

    I am not the biggest site in the world talking about search engine copywriting. unique content alone would mean I would not rate for the term at all not even for long tail searches – competitor’s content is also unique. But I am placing the words next to each other, one of the elements of SEO copywriting. would be the best place to sharpen swords by debating how important on page information is vs off page.

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