Case Study – Teaparty and Social Media

Quotes from San Diego SEO by Design

There should be no doubts that social media and the internet can be effective in marketing in ideas. Most common the ideas are political; However, not all ideas marketed online are political. New technologies, research, development all start as ideas. Almost all non-profits market in an idea a way to make improvements in the community or in individuals. Looking at the evolution of the teaparty is a good study because it was virtually created inside social media.

Immediately after Rick Santelli spoke blogs, twitter, youtube or should I simply say sites that people can and do express their opinions went into action. …

It took more than a month before a member of #tcot (Top Conservative on Twitter) announced a open think tank on twitter #teaparty to discuss organizing. Teaparty express was created as well as the concept of using a teabag for the logo – there were no objections to the use of a teabag at this time.

Social Media is not facebook

Facebook is one site that allows people to communicate with each other. It however is not only one piece in the social media picture. Social media is the communications through reviews, twitter, facebook, blogs, meetup and web 2.0 sites. Teaparty is a social media network that now has many web 2.0 sites, meetup groups, and independent blogs.


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