How to avoid … “The designer took the money and did not finish the site”

This is something I’ve heard from business owners; And, I’ve heard from designers that the business owner wants him to do 40 plus hours of work for only $200 – He bent over backwards to try make him happy but $5.00 an hour is below min wage – he can not continue the insanity.

I place the blame on the salesman if a agency is involved and the designer. It is the designer who has the experience! not the salesman. It is the designer that knows how much time he needs to finish a project: But only when he has all the specifications – Communication is critical!

Quote from San Diego Freelance: HTML5 Web Design Direct

An experienced designer takes the initial consultation seriously. Does not begin any billable work until what is needed on the site has been determined. If the designer does not do this then he is headed down the path; 40 hours of work; The site is not done; And, there is no budget for the overtime taken. Neither side has a contract of what the site will have to be “completed.” It is the salesman’s (agency) and designer’s fault.

The only way to avoid this problem is solve the communications problem. The problem does not exist if all the details have been communicated and estimated. It is the designer’s experience that should avoid the problem – the business owner is seeking a “professional” who can give him accurate costs.


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