Tools used by Web Designers

There are differences between web design and graphic design
Mashable has a post on Top 10 Firefox Add-Ons for Web Designers

  1. Web Developer is a tool that has a rich set of tools for “cookies” – needed in web apps. CSS – for debugging layout code. …
  2. Firebug – ties in a GUI of the page elements with the html code and css code.
  3. Measureit – This tool may actually be very useful for graphics designers.
  4. ColorZilla – for web design colors are presented by a set of numbers. Most often RGB although HTML5 now has alternative sets that resemble those used in classic design of HSV.
  5. CSS Usage – unlike graphic design where the paper is the finial product – in web design the code is the finial product and redundant code slows down page loading, rendering, can cause SEO problems, and can open the door to some browsers not rendering correctly. CSS usage tool helps in keeping the code clean.
  6. Page-speed – the speed a page loads at is important on the internet.
  7. HTML Validator – It is not enough to have the design appear correct on designer’s computer. An image is not what is being distributed across the internet.
  8. IE tab – A tool to check code changes against IE.
  9. Screen Grab – Web pages unlike paper have scroll bars. Showing someone a mockup of a coded page requires its own special tool.
  10. SEO Doctor – Web Designers need to deal with robotic search engines that need to categorize the content of the page. Text needs to be presented as text – Proper html sematics needs to be followed. On site linking needs to be created to promote content.

As one can see by going down the list; while web design is graphic design – graphic design is not web design. Classic design tools would start with photoshop, paint brush plug-ins, perspective rending, Color adjustments and color filters …


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  1. Informative Article, Its a brilliant list. All the tools are very useful. I can use them in my project. Keep it up. Thanks For This Information

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