Multiple element synchronized flash like animations

One of the talking points to using HTML5 animation is that it removes animations from within the flash box. On SEO and Search Engine Marketing at San Diego Freelance HTML5 and canvas are working together to animate outside of the flash box.

if (currentframe == 900) {

cback.clearRect (0, 0 , 500, 300);

cback.fillStyle = "#ffcc99";

cback.font = "50px Arial";

cback.shadowColor = "#000000";

cback.shadowBlur = 7;

cback.shadowOffsetX = 4;

cback.shadowOffsetY = 4;

cback.fillText("Local Search", 5, 55);

$('#offpage').css('background', '');

$('#local').css('background', 'blue');


Specifically times the canvas display of Local Search with a jQuery call to change the background of that menu item – shifting the menu focus from Offpage to local synchronized with the materials being shown in the canvas.

The method of placing information into a canvas animation helps the SEO process itself be removing repeat quotations from the page.


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