Word of mouth business in the social media world

Hattip: SEO By Design

The cup half full view.

Engaging with happy customers is not only enjoyable (everybody likes to be liked) but greatly increases the positive word of mouth information about the business.

People trust references they get from friends much more than they trust other sources of information. They also trust references from those who publish information that they follow. Studies comparing blog endorsements to celebrity endorsements shows that more people trust the information from blogs they read over the information from celebrities they watch.

The cup half empty view.

Many businesses have concerns about social media and the potential of people who do not like their business giving negative reviews. Negative information travels faster and farther than positive information. The good news is that far more people have positive information about your business.

It is true that in the past not everybody has been 100% happy with any business. It is also true that going into the future that will not change. Engaging in Social Media does not change this truth. The risk that somebody may not be happy starts with every transaction. The fear of it will paralyze a company from moving into the future. The good news is that social media provides a way to communicate with people to improve the situation.


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