Web slide shows verse a web power point show

Slide shows are good content for a web site and there are many methods to present them on a site with a good number of transition effects. Many of these slide presentations are attempting to convey talking points and other information that helps in engaging visitors to look at additional content on the site.

Maybe it is just me but slide shows are to limited for power point type of content. While frame based scripting is not. More often than not these slide show programs are to limited for more persuasive power point type content. Specifically they lack the ability to animate other content on the page synchronized with a frame.

Many designers do not desire to get into frame based animation; its name suggests that one needs to build it frame by frame, which is only half true. A Javascript that counts down the frames, (depending on construction), may need to be made but the the actual animations functions can be created and called.

var currentframe=0;

function slides() {


setTimeout(slides, 500);

if (currentframe == 6) {

$(“#frame2”).animate({width: “504px”},750,”linear”);
// I can animate other related content at this same moment in time.

$(document).ready(function() {

setTimeout(slides, 500);


This example will soon show up on http://www.instant-mex-auto-insur.com/


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