Using AVIsynth as a source for other video production tools.

I am one of those people who tends to ask the question, “how can it be made better?” More often than not the answer is by using more than one program to produce a binary product. Debugmode’s Wax 2.0 for example interfaces with their winmorph application and provides what people may call photoshop morphing to video objects. Winmorph can also create video clips from two photo graphics morphing from one image to another … the CG effect is commonly used to go from one person’s face to another; However, winmorph is not limited to faces. Wax 2.0 itself has native perspective filter to place a video on a flat surface within another video, such as a TV screen in the video.

Winmorph can be used with any two images to create a video of an object moving or morphing; Or, use a single image and move say ocean surf, flags, or trees of a static image and change it into a moving image. Fake, (or create the effect using CG), of a moving camera by morphing 3d objects to create the illusion that a series of flat frames is a 3d object because the texture of the flat image is moving … note the illusion of a rotating image can be better understood if one considered the effect on the brain of a shadow of a rotating object. The shadow appears to rotate in one direction and then rotate in the other direction but when texture is added the movement of the texture completes the illusion that a actual object is rotating and tells the brain which direction it is rotating in.

The difference between a video of a rotating object created by cg and a camera is where the illusion is created – both create the illusion on the screen. A video is nothing more than a series of static images.

AVIsynth has a lot of powerful video features. I am not discounting it as a stand alone system but am looking to produce binary products with more features than are available with any one program, and quicker production times. Wax reads uncompressed video, which is best for production, but sometimes video is available in a compressed format like flv and the clip being produced does not exceed the quality of the flv. In that case video may need to be converted.

AVIsynth converts video in real time to other formats needed by other programs. It even works good for the minor task of using windows media player to play flv files. Just open the example.avs script below in windows media player.

Say for example there is a green screen behind a subject and the video is available as flv. Wax has a good green screen ability and perspective so that it is able to fill in that green screen with any video.

The AVIsynth script to use and convert a flv files is one line of code. Place this code in example.avs


Open Wax and use example.avs, as the video source, add the video you want to use for the green screen, apply the prospective to the video for the green screen and apply the green screen filter.


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