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Solutions Smith – Created in 1997 was an DHTML site to sell products, everything was dynamic; mouse over effects displayed products based on category, Descriptions, images with mouse over effects. Site failed and was closed down in a year; no significant traffic, no ROI, a net financial lose.

This failure is one of my best lessons; The “build it and they will come,” mentality is false. It must be built, yes, and then you must go get them, invite them to come. This knowledge came with a small price tag.

Searchhoo – Created in 1998 and was a SEO site, designed with the intent of competing in high traffic search engine terms like employment. This site was on a free host, And was successful at generating leads for Job sites.

Most valuable lesson is that its success was do mostly to long tail search engine traffic, targeting specific vertical employment sectors; although some common searches were targeted and brought in … the traffic the long tail searches had better conversions and generate more total traffic than vanity listings.

Contracted to build sites for Msat Inc and Mecca Chamber of commerce in 1999 and 2000. Msat included optimization to target technical terms, And off site link development. The chamber of commerce was created for members and was promoted by publications from the chamber; they needed a professional looking site.

Searchthelinks – was created in about 2000 after the free hosting site changed terms of use. The shortcoming of searchhoo was that listings all needed to be manually added and manually removed; the site was suffering from link rot, and potential link partners looked down on free sites. For Searchthelinks perl scripts were created to remove sites which were no longer available, and to index sites using a robot based on meta tags with rudimentary search features and automated page creation. However, reading meta tags created a need to deal with the spam that many sites put in meta tags. Some scraping of sites to enhance search results IE job postings on craigslist. Traffic levels were higher than searchhoo but some of the enhancements resulted in less people signing up with affiliate advertisements. Scripts were being developed to allow direct jobs postings as an alternative revenue model but 9/11 changed the dynamics of the labor market.

This lesson learned on competitive content is that balance needs to be made on a case by case basis. What works for Wall street Journal may not work for New York Times. Ongoing adjustments need to be made and ROI measured so that the traffic created by content increases the ROI. 90% of 1,000 at $1 each is nice but 50% of 10,000 at $1.00 each is better.

At-The-Water-cooler – was created in about 2003 in pursuit of the web 2.0 community model; with 2004 being an election year, and record numbers of people on the internet. SEO was targeted at politics; 2004 was the first year politics moved onto the internet in a significant way. As blog search provided information faster than regular searches; a blog feed was created to selective areas of the site. When blogs were indexed faster than regular content into the google search engine (2007) – these scripts were revised specifically to comply with google blog search standards. When my day job became web design, work on at-the-water-cooler was almost non-existent; It continued into 2010 providing a hosting service.

In 2008 and 2009, Exclusively worked marketing of Christian DVDs online. With knowledge of SEO, Web 2.0, Increased traffic levels by over 10 times over what existed in 2007, delivering a high click through rates to the DVDs and optimized the product pages so for the first time these products were listed above competitors products. Increased the company’s online presents through Social Media Marketing and significantly increased links to the site.

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