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Facebook and email forms.

Nothing prevents posting forms on facebook that call up a PHP application that sends the user request to the site owner. These forms are a good way to get leads.


Deadly website mistakes – slowing down visitors with intros.

From San Diego Seo By Design

It should be considered one of the seven deadly mistakes corporate websites commit. Human behavior research shows when people are in task mode they are blocking out information not related to their task. Sometimes this is far more subtle … in Why We Buy: The Science of Shopping, social anthropologist Paco Underhill talks about an experiment conducted in a bank. Brochures were placed between the door and the teller window And no one stopped to look at the brochures, no one considered taking one. Paco Underhill suggested brochure stand to be moved along the path that bank patrons take after seeing the tellers, patrons started stopping and taking brochures.

I can relate to the experiences of people visiting sites with a bunch of junk between them and the answer to the question they seek.

Google’s Panda update and product descriptions

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The Panda update has negatively affected legitimate ecommerce sites that use product descriptions from manufacturers

A clear solution for eCommerce sites effected by Panda is to use progressive content, flash or even html5 canvas to render the talking points which have been duplicated across nearly all other sites that sell the same product. These design changes can also improve sales rates as it draws the visitor to view these important elements.

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Bloggers vs celebrity, which endorsement packs biggest punch.

A new survey, by BlogHer and global communications firm Ketchum and conducted by Nielsen Company, found that 20 percent of women who use social media are motivated to consider products promoted by or with a blogger they know, while only 13 percent are motivated by celebrity endorsements.

I’m not surprised by the results of this survey. Key points to keep in mind is that only bloggers that maintain the code of honesty are effective.

In difficult economic times marketing is about market share.

Marketing like everything else changes over time. What worked yesterday may not necessarily work today. When the market is growing business should be growing if you follow the market. But when the market place for your product is not growing you need to take a lead position to grow your business — When the market is not growing; following the competition is not going to do it.