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Bloggers vs celebrity, which endorsement packs biggest punch.

A new survey, by BlogHer and global communications firm Ketchum and conducted by Nielsen Company, found that 20 percent of women who use social media are motivated to consider products promoted by or with a blogger they know, while only 13 percent are motivated by celebrity endorsements.

I’m not surprised by the results of this survey. Key points to keep in mind is that only bloggers that maintain the code of honesty are effective.


Bypassing mime types using data URI

data URIs, defined by RFC 2397, allow content creators to embed small files inline in documents.

Specifies a data URI, which is a resource, typically an image, embedded in the URI as opposed to one loaded from an external URL.

Why The data: URI Scheme Could Help Save Your Slow Site

This is why reducing the number of HTTP requests a browser needs to make to finish loading a page is a fundamental step in optimizing web sites for speed. One (perhaps underutilized) way to do this is by embedding binary data such as images for oft-used icons inline with other assets using the data: URI scheme.

There are many uses for data uri — I’ve had the need to send html pages by email (sorry don’t know of anybody who has already made an interface to take a complete page content from a URL address and make it into a single file). However with new file formats coming out and many web hosts who have not updated their mimi types — people are having difficulties in implementing some file formats on their web site. Normally not a difficult configuration and should be able to be accomplished by one line in the .htaccess file. However sometimes it may be difficult to reconfig the server.

Resources — converting to base64 can be done with ease online …