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Google announces major freshness update.

Freshness vs Evergreen Content

Google has announced (11/03/2011 08:19:00 AM) a major change to its freshness algo, which they say will effect 35% of search engine traffic. The freshness algo has been pointed out as a method of SEO in “SEO and Headline Chasing.”

Specifically Google says “Recent events or hot topics. For recent events or hot topics that begin trending on the web,” Will be what they are looking at to trigger a Query Deserves Freshness.


Google’s Panda update and product descriptions

Google > Webmaster Central > Crawling, indexing & ranking >

The Panda update has negatively affected legitimate ecommerce sites that use product descriptions from manufacturers

A clear solution for eCommerce sites effected by Panda is to use progressive content, flash or even html5 canvas to render the talking points which have been duplicated across nearly all other sites that sell the same product. These design changes can also improve sales rates as it draws the visitor to view these important elements.

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Search Engine Copywriting

Quotes from San Diego freelance – On Page SEO services

Unlike a brochure that one would hand out to clients; web sites need search engine copy, which is more verbose than what you would put in a brochure. … For SEO the text book rule is to have a page for each product or service …

… The reason many sites do not have sales is they are not found in search engines for the products they sell – or if they are found they are failing to close a sale.

Let me also point out this is one of the reasons SEO professionals want to begin work from the very beginning of a web site design. Search Engine marketing is as different from
marketing using brochures as CNN is from a newspaper.

Search engine copy must both satisfy the search engines and work towards closing the sale – It fails if does not do both.

Social Media and regular calendar events.

Many people want to have a calendar on their site for events. But there are other options or should I say places to have the calendar where others will find out about your event. Some may be thinking of oh, “the facebook events.” But unfortunately you only see events of people on your friends list. Good place to add events to for the purpose of having people you know return to your next event but not for new people to find out about it.

While google does have a nice calendar with an API to embed it onto your site it does not help in the promotion of the event either. however does provide a method for people to see what events are happening close to them, and provides methods to search for groups that may not have a current event but they would have an interest in that type of event. Meetup does have an API to get the data from your group onto your site.

Not only does meetup help in increasing the numbers, have an RSVP system, but they also help in promoting your site as a link to your org can be included on your group page. It also helps in the public relations of your org because those who comment are members of the group and your meetup group will likely appear in the top ten results in search engines for people who want to know more about you.

Starting Locally SEO Methodology

Local Search SEO services from San Diego Freelance

By Starting with local San Diego search a site is targeting those who are the easiest to convert into customers — getting the cream that floats to the top — even for a international company.

… Offsite links are established which not only increase the rating of the site in local San Diego search results, but also nationally. ..

Friday Freebie, Image SEO optimization

Google, bing, yahoo all have image search engines. With careful consideration of images,  for example info graphics, it is possible for sites to get visitors and clients from these searches.

Optimizing for image search has only a few variables; image name and URL, alt tag, page content near the image.

To SEO an image consider the keywords in these variables. Then consider how many different pages you can place (link to the image) the image on, places where it will be seen by many visitors. Can it be used on forums? Google places image? If the answer is yes then you can quickly give the image an importance for the keywords you desire. Most images on the internet are not well linked to.

Multi Site vs Single Site SEO

There are pros and cons to both methods. However if SEO is being done on a budget it is normally best to use a single site. Much of SEO is on-site content and if you spread your resources to thin you don’t get as much results. Multi site SEO is one way to do off-site optimization if content can be separated into different themes.

Strategic alliances vs Link exchanges

Search engines pay attention to links between sites, these are often called link exchanges, and they help a site in the search engine.

Why do they help? Because sites that have strategic alliances with other sites are generally good solid sites. On the other hand link exchange farms are not considered valuable. Many link exchanges are attempts to mimic the link structure of a strategic alliance – from this point of view these links are spam; that is the point of view held by the creators of algos who try to discern the link exchanges. Spam is a hard word, actually many directories which are “useful” resources exchange links without much thought to the site. That is the question that needs to be asked is the exchange of links useful for visitors.

What is a good strategic alliances; one that actually exchanges traffic that converts into customers for both sites.

Recent changes in google prove the wisdom of creating and using varied SEO methods

The bulk of the changes started at the end of October. Alexa measured the changes Alexa: Has traffic to your site dropped? You’re not alone

As many webmasters and website owners by now know, sometime around October 21st Google changed how they ranked search results. This change, or possibly changes, caused the traffic to some sites to drop by as much as 80%. The Google Webmaster Forums are alive with questions about what happened, and how webmasters should react (for examples see here, here, and here).

Per Webmaster world Many are still seeing their sites changing in position daily

This shuffle happens quite a lot these days…sometimes the shuffle happens more than once per day.

It has also been recently confirmed that google indexes different site differently. All of this points to one conclusion; Sites need to vary methods of where they get traffic from and how they organize their content. A blog is one method, Static content is another, fresh non-blog content is still yet another. mixing content is no longer an option; it is a necessity.

There is nothing new to the SEO strategy of creating different content styles. Most seasoned SEO masters have weather many changes and seen entrance pattern changes in where they get their visitors.

FYI: long tail searchs seem unaffected by Google’s new shuffling and they were unaffected by the instance searches that google started weeks ago as well. They may be receiving more traffic from changes in user search behaviors (not confirmed scientifically, based on a small sampling)

Mashups if you can not beat them …

Many webmasters who actually do SEO: study and research it, build links, create original content … are having difficulties with Mashup … they are  murmuring in forums about their difficulties.

Mashups work because they are well themed around a topic they contain links to the topic with a small description.

If you look at almost any blog the category page is themed in the same manner. With careful use of the more tag to create continue reading links in the category page this can be used to the creator’s advantage.

Update: Let me add that a custom category page is a must if the category page is to be used this way.