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Word of mouth business in the social media world

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The cup half full view.

Engaging with happy customers is not only enjoyable (everybody likes to be liked) but greatly increases the positive word of mouth information about the business.

People trust references they get from friends much more than they trust other sources of information. They also trust references from those who publish information that they follow. Studies comparing blog endorsements to celebrity endorsements shows that more people trust the information from blogs they read over the information from celebrities they watch.

The cup half empty view.

Many businesses have concerns about social media and the potential of people who do not like their business giving negative reviews. Negative information travels faster and farther than positive information. The good news is that far more people have positive information about your business.

It is true that in the past not everybody has been 100% happy with any business. It is also true that going into the future that will not change. Engaging in Social Media does not change this truth. The risk that somebody may not be happy starts with every transaction. The fear of it will paralyze a company from moving into the future. The good news is that social media provides a way to communicate with people to improve the situation.


Bloggers vs celebrity, which endorsement packs biggest punch.

A new survey, by BlogHer and global communications firm Ketchum and conducted by Nielsen Company, found that 20 percent of women who use social media are motivated to consider products promoted by or with a blogger they know, while only 13 percent are motivated by celebrity endorsements.

I’m not surprised by the results of this survey. Key points to keep in mind is that only bloggers that maintain the code of honesty are effective.

Social Media and regular calendar events.

Many people want to have a calendar on their site for events. But there are other options or should I say places to have the calendar where others will find out about your event. Some may be thinking of oh, “the facebook events.” But unfortunately you only see events of people on your friends list. Good place to add events to for the purpose of having people you know return to your next event but not for new people to find out about it.

While google does have a nice calendar with an API to embed it onto your site it does not help in the promotion of the event either. however does provide a method for people to see what events are happening close to them, and provides methods to search for groups that may not have a current event but they would have an interest in that type of event. Meetup does have an API to get the data from your group onto your site.

Not only does meetup help in increasing the numbers, have an RSVP system, but they also help in promoting your site as a link to your org can be included on your group page. It also helps in the public relations of your org because those who comment are members of the group and your meetup group will likely appear in the top ten results in search engines for people who want to know more about you.

Bing’s announcement: Using Facebook friend’s “likes” in new social search feature

Wednesday Bing’s Press Release announced a social search feature that uses friends likes in the search engine results.

This is awesome news for businesses that already knows what they are doing in facebook. Who have already added the ability of visitors to like the products offered by the business site. And who already have 100s 1000s 10000s … facebook likes.

A Social Media Success Story.

Many view social media as just chat; For some it is. It is also a method to communicate to the right people and let others know about what you provide to the world.

A business has lots of resources; so lets look at the question of can Social Media help in marketing for somebody who literally has no resources? The worse case scenario a homeless person.

The answer is clearly yes;

Social Media is a powerful tool; It allows people to communicate with people that without social media would be far more difficult. It allows people to get their message out to a lot of people at almost no cost. It is not just about chatting with friends.

There are success stories for business; activism and in communication of ideas; and in the world of politics.

From “6 Success Stories: Social Media Marketing for Local Business”

As far as our ROI on social media efforts, of course it’s always hard to determine that. But, what I do know is that since we turned our focus to social media, attracting inbound links, more internet marketing/less print advertising, etc., we have seen an approximate 30 percent boost in sales (year to date) in a time where a lot of restaurants are down 10-20 percent.

Tweet this from sites.

Tweet - How to add Tweet it buttons to sites as easy as a link and many other CMS systems only supports javascript from “trusted” sites and they do not trust very many sites. They do have a “share” button which does include twitter and facebook but it is a limited configuration.

Dashboard -> Settings -> Sharing

Twitter Javascipt API has many nice features – It has a count of how many people have already tweeted it and data areas for follow us, what URL to be used  … People are accustom to seeing low tweet counts on major sites that include Tweet this on news pages.  A low tweet count does not create a bad impression and for a page that does not become old-news the count only goes up.

There are times when an easy method is better or on required for a twitter interface. The easiest method is a link to the site . <a href=””></a&gt;, which is framed around a form post with one field status. No bells or whistles – just a link to the site which can be in the form of a graphic…

Why are designers ignoring facebook Open Graph protocol?

Graphic image, title and descriptions are taken by facebook from on page meta tags. Developers Facebook

facebook Like buttons can be added with a script, Iframe, or server side coding.

Audio, Video, and flash can be enabled for facebook share

<a name="fb_share"></a>
<script src=""

<meta name="title" content="video_title" />
<meta name="description" content="video_description" />
<link rel="image_src" href="video_screenshot_image_src url" />
<link rel="video_src" href="video_src url"/>
<meta name="video_height" content="video_height" />
<meta name="video_width" content="video_width" />
<meta name="video_type" content="application/x-shockwave-flash" />