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Tweet this from wordpress.com sites.

Tweet - How to add Tweet it buttons to sites as easy as a link

WordPress.com and many other CMS systems only supports javascript from “trusted” sites and they do not trust very many sites. They do have a “share” button which does include twitter and facebook but it is a limited configuration.

Dashboard -> Settings -> Sharing

Twitter Javascipt API has many nice features – It has a count of how many people have already tweeted it and data areas for follow us, what URL to be used  … People are accustom to seeing low tweet counts on major sites that include Tweet this on news pages.  A low tweet count does not create a bad impression and for a page that does not become old-news the count only goes up.

There are times when an easy method is better or on wordpress.com required for a twitter interface. The easiest method is a link to the site . <a href=”http://twitter.com/home?status=hello+world”>http://twitter.com/home?status=hello+world</a&gt;, which is framed around a form post with one field status. No bells or whistles – just a link to the site which can be in the form of a graphic…


Mashups if you can not beat them …

Many webmasters who actually do SEO: study and research it, build links, create original content … are having difficulties with Mashup … they are  murmuring in forums about their difficulties.

Mashups work because they are well themed around a topic they contain links to the topic with a small description.

If you look at almost any blog the category page is themed in the same manner. With careful use of the more tag to create continue reading links in the category page this can be used to the creator’s advantage.

Update: Let me add that a custom category page is a must if the category page is to be used this way.