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CMS systems make the starting price for sites insanely low.

Competitive Pricing

… Custom wordpress sites which have unlimited pages begin at very low rates. Literally prices start with the design of one PHP page. The system places the content created by you into this page …

… Wsmithdesign is very sensitive to prices and is constantly looking at how to save time and be more competitive …


Creating a Custom WordPress Home Page Template.

WordPress allows any page to be configured as the home page. the home page is set under under “Settings > Reading”

To create a new template for the page copy page.php … modifying a minimalistic page is the quickest way to create the page … to a new file name homepage.php and modify the beginning of the file like so:

* Template Name: New-Home-Page
* The "Template Name:" bit above allows this to be selectable
* from a dropdown menu on the edit page screen.

get_header(); ?>

Reactivate the template and under the edit page

You will see New-Home-Page in the dropdown. Customize the template page (homepage.php) as desired.

Drupal 7 dropcrm (client relationship management)

dropcrm for drupal 7 has been released.

The mission of the DropCRM project is to support various projects in the Drupal Community which will provide the building blocks necessary to create a CRM system with Drupal 7, and to package those tools together in one or more distributions pre-configured for specific use cases. Closely related projects include Profile 2, Drupal Commerce, and Features module.

Not everyone needs a client relationship management system or they may not need it yet although would like to have it in the future. Drupal is ideal for pragmatic enhancements where features can be added as needed.

Adding drupal to an existing site allowing for existing content.

One of the reasons you may want to do this is because there is already a site in place which drupal is being added to, and this site content does not need to be rework.

Another is because you want to add non drupal content to a drupal powered site for whatever reason. Maybe because of the shopping cart application.  Or to build a web 2.0 around existing content. or a CRM system.

Another is because you want the home page to be a static page.

The reason really does not matter, it can be done and done without a great deal of reprogramming, actually no reprogramming at all.

On a standard LAMP web host the .htaccess sets what file will be called as the default page. After an installation of drupal .htaccess will have this configuration line in the .htaccess file.

DirectoryIndex index.php

Change it to.

DirectoryIndex index.html index.php