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All vistapanel.net sites have been labeled by stopbadware – update: stopbadware / google fixed it.

They provide a free service the same as wordpress.com. Stopbadware has found someplace on one of these sub domains of vistapanel with either malware or a link to a site that contains malware.

But they have labeled all sites hosted by vistapanel.net as being dangerous. http://www.google.com/search?q=site:vistapanel.net They should figure it out shortly. What is embarrassing is I’ve sent some emails out related to content on vistapanel … and the label is character assassination … I am not a witch …


It appears canvulcan’s site may have been compromised. http://support.clean-mx.de/ … domain=vistapanel.net

Note: vistapanel also uses the http://custom404error.com/ service as does for example justhost. An installation of drupal removes these 404 redirects as does

ErrorDocument 404 default

in the .htaccess file.  I always remove these redirects because they mess up the content theme of the site. One of the few times when I want an error to be an error and not have a program do what it can to provide information. http://custom404error.com/ does not appear to have been labeled.  So they are not at this time considered a bad neighborhood.