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Online sales increases – A signal of economic growth?

E-retail grows 9.8% in 2010, comScore says

Bouncing back smartly from the recession, online retail sales increased 11% in the fourth quarter of 2010 from the previous year, and full-year 2010 sales were up 9.8% over 2009, web measurement firm comScore Inc. reported today.

Fourth quarter e-retail sales totaled a record $43.432 billion, versus $39.045 billion a year earlier. For the full year, online retailers sold $142.491 billion worth of merchandise, up from $129.797 in 2009.

A signal or not online sales have increased almost every year with the exception of 2009

… 0.2% decline in e-retail sales in 2009 vs. 2008. And, while the 11% growth rate is well above total retail growth that consulting firm Kantar Retail estimates at 6.1% for Q4, it’s still well below the 19% growth rate for online retail that comScore registered in the fourth quarter of 2007 …


Web logs vs heatmaps on drop down menus

Which ever method you use links in drop down menus get more usage than content lower down on the page.

Online Spending Expected To Break Records

ComScore: Holiday spending to be ‘highest on record’

According to ComScore, consumers spent $9.01 billion during the first three weeks of November, representing a 13 percent gain over the $7.95 billion spent during the same period last year.

For the months of November and December combined, ComScore is forecasting $32.4 billion in online spending. Last year, consumers spent $29.1 billion during that two-month holiday shopping period. ComScore also said that from January through October, online consumers spent $109.9 billion, representing a 9 percent gain over the $100.7 billion they spent during the same period last year.

“We are seeing online spending surpass the totals we saw in 2007 prior to the recession,” ComScore chairman Gian Fulgoni wrote in a statement, “and expect sales this holiday season to be the highest on record.”

ComScore: Holiday spending to be ‘highest on record’

Read more: http://news.cnet.com/8301-13506_3-20023778-17.html#ixzz16EIoPu3q

Project Manager Role In Web Design.

If the project manager is the designer then understanding both roles is all the more important because the design often gets into small details of pixels in graphics. Yes pixels in graphics are important but the project manager knows that a pixel is not what will make a visitor into a client.

The project manager needs to set the time frame and keep to it. He needs to look at the project as a whole; all aspects of the web site. He needs to pay attention to getting the message out and the message is rarely about a few pixels.

Sometimes the project manager needs to say; lets get back to this image and take care of the pixels later because it is important in the bigger picture for the information to get posted.

To use a metaphor the project manager needs to work like a general not a foot soldier. His role is important, without a general the site will get stuck in the mud without supplies. If the designer is the project manager he needs to schedule his project management time and when his role is a project manager that role needs to be seen as the most important. He needs to delegate what needs to be worked on and where human resource time is needed for the bigger picture – even if he is only delegating to himself.