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Powerpoint-ish jQuery Script

Object here is to introduce to the visitor the services of SD Floor Center provides titled as Discount Carpet, Flooring, Tile and Wood – San Diego Floor Center; Slow down visitors and give them something to remember. A powerpoint-ish effect can accomplish this, but should never be overdone.

jQuery is being used to create this effect by dropping in 1 bullet item every 1.5 seconds. The reason not to use a library here is there is not that much material and without more material or material that disappears so that it transforms or moves into new material — it will start to look like a blink.

jQuery is also being used to make the object transparent “when loading,” not waiting for document to be fully loaded.  Since that can be done in many ways, the result is if the browser does not support javascript / jquery then the objects never become transparent. Continue reading →