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A Facebook Only Search Engine

Facesearchd.com provides a real time search for public facebook link shares.

Over a year ago I tested twitter for real time searches and the results were amazingly good. I’ve been waiting for somebody to make a site solely to search twitter http posts. The search engine business model requires a lot of traffic to have a ROI. Google owns shares of twitter – single word searches include twitter feeds.


Tweet this from wordpress.com sites.

Tweet - How to add Tweet it buttons to sites as easy as a link

WordPress.com and many other CMS systems only supports javascript from “trusted” sites and they do not trust very many sites. They do have a “share” button which does include twitter and facebook but it is a limited configuration.

Dashboard -> Settings -> Sharing

Twitter Javascipt API has many nice features – It has a count of how many people have already tweeted it and data areas for follow us, what URL to be used  … People are accustom to seeing low tweet counts on major sites that include Tweet this on news pages.  A low tweet count does not create a bad impression and for a page that does not become old-news the count only goes up.

There are times when an easy method is better or on wordpress.com required for a twitter interface. The easiest method is a link to the site . <a href=”http://twitter.com/home?status=hello+world”>http://twitter.com/home?status=hello+world</a&gt;, which is framed around a form post with one field status. No bells or whistles – just a link to the site which can be in the form of a graphic…