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Make wordpress stop changing object tag data.

The object tag can be used to embed any type of content into a html page. From flash through SVG and including html documents. It is similar to an iframe tag but the standard does not require it to have as much overhead. Hence it may be a better choice for an HTML5 based slide show.

The quick solution is to use a script


document.write('<'+'object data="something" width="200" height="200"></'+'object>');


The object tag in the script is still spotted by MCE editor used by wordpress but if it is spaced apart using javascript then it will not be changed by MCE editor.


Creating a Custom WordPress Home Page Template.

WordPress allows any page to be configured as the home page. the home page is set under under “Settings > Reading”

To create a new template for the page copy page.php … modifying a minimalistic page is the quickest way to create the page … to a new file name homepage.php and modify the beginning of the file like so:

* Template Name: New-Home-Page
* The "Template Name:" bit above allows this to be selectable
* from a dropdown menu on the edit page screen.

get_header(); ?>

Reactivate the template and under the edit page

You will see New-Home-Page in the dropdown. Customize the template page (homepage.php) as desired.