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A Social Media Success Story.

Many view social media as just chat; For some it is. It is also a method to communicate to the right people and let others know about what you provide to the world.

A business has lots of resources; so lets look at the question of can Social Media help in marketing for somebody who literally has no resources? The worse case scenario a homeless person.

The answer is clearly yes;

Social Media is a powerful tool; It allows people to communicate with people that without social media would be far more difficult. It allows people to get their message out to a lot of people at almost no cost. It is not just about chatting with friends.

There are success stories for business; activism and in communication of ideas; and in the world of politics.

From entrepreneurslife.com “6 Success Stories: Social Media Marketing for Local Business”

As far as our ROI on social media efforts, of course it’s always hard to determine that. But, what I do know is that since we turned our focus to social media, attracting inbound links, more internet marketing/less print advertising, etc., we have seen an approximate 30 percent boost in sales (year to date) in a time where a lot of restaurants are down 10-20 percent.